Cocaine Purity Test (2 packs)

Cocaine Purity Test (2 packs)

Dealers often cut their merchandize in order to increase their profit margins.
You will never know with what kind of substance and how much your coke has been cut by just looking at it.

The Cocaine Purity Test enables you to quickly get an idea about the purity of the cocaine.


Just add 20 milligram of your sample to this test and you will have a result within seconds.


The pack contains 10 Cocaine Purity Tests, 10 spatulas, 10 Buffer Solution Tubes and one instruction sheet.

This holds some serious risks for unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects! The idea behind this test is that when a sample contains a high percentage of cocaine, these risks are diminished.

Using cocaine can be risky for your health as well as for your social well-being

Officers are now able to determine if the suspected substance is cocaine but also the purity of it.


This color scheme comes with the instructions.


Image of the difference in purity of cocaine samples.

The results from the tests done above can be read as follows:

The first ampoule,where the bottom layer is almost like coffee was a 90% pure sample and gets 5 stars!
The second ampoule was a 70% pure sample and gets 4 stars.
The third ampoule was a 60% pure sample and gets 3 to 4 stars.

The fourth ampoule is between 2 and 3 star quality ( a 50% pure sample, very common to find on the street!).
The last ampoule has almost no cocaine in it. It is not even worth 1 star (it was a 10% pure sample).


The MMC Purity test is very insensitive to the usual cuts such as mannitol and such, but will as a bonus, not react to any other substance from the family of cocaine (lidocaine, procaine, etc.), which are frequently used to fool the poor soul who wants to taste it. These other -caines will only produce a numbingeffect and contribute to really bad hangovers

!. However, this test does not tell you anything about the identity of the substances that were used to cut the sample with.


Use of this test is at your own risk. This product will only give an indication about the identity of the substances present in the sample and cannot offer a 100% guarantee. No rights or claims can be derived from (the use of) this test. The producer cannot be held liable for damages and/or accidents as aresult of this test. There is always a chance that the sample contains a substance that will not be detected by this test.


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